• October 26, 2021
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  • Nov 2014
    Sep 04, 2015

    AFGE, Local 3937

    Local Business Meeting

    November 12, 2014  

    Labor Temple, Seattle WA

    Present were: Carrie Kitchin-Kofahl, Laura Novakoski, Ana Rivers, Ivan Weich, Susan Campbell, Tim Roark and Kym Herrmann.

    The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.


    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Old Business
    • New Business
    • Reports
    • Minutes review

    Treasurer’s Report:

    There is no Treasurer’s report for tonight as she is not present.

    Old Business:


    New Business:

    Ivan made a motion that we roll the 2014 budget as amended (current) for 2015; Ana seconded.  Our Local Treasurer could not attend tonight’s meeting and her computer was malfunctioning so she couldn’t get us the proposed new budget in time.  For informational purposes, that budget as it stands totaled $102,500 in various categories.  Motion passed.

    Ivan made a motion that we fund 4 delegates from L3937 to attend the AFGE National and Council conventions; this includes travel, airfare, hotel, meals and incidental expenses, leave without pay where Official Time cannot be used.  Tim seconded.  The convention will be August 14th – 21st 2015 in Orlando, FL.  Motion passed.

    Ivan made a motion that L3937 fund our 4 state legislative coordinators to attend the National Legislative Conference in Washington D. C. from February 7th – 13th 2015; this includes travel, airfare, meals and incidental expenses and hotel.  Tim seconded.  Motion passed.


    Susan reports that in the WSU at the ATSC, conditions for workers are deteriorating.  We lost Oregon’s iRibs but gained them from Texas.  There are a lot of public employees retiring there, and the state refuses to release pension information we need without a specific release of information from the number holder.  This adds about a month of additional processing time.  In just one day recently the WSU received about 2,000 claims, where a normal high day used to be more like 900.  The WSU CRs are expected to receive disability and SSI initial claims training, just as CRs receive in the field offices.  They expect that by October 2015 the CRs will be ready to process those claims.  They will probably focus on T2 dib claims, SSI technical denials, or do just initial SSI claims with field offices effectuating after the PERC interview.

    Ivan reports that SSA has settled a class action EEO complaint known as Jantz.  The case has substantial impact on behalf of all our disabled bargaining unit employees.  If they filed for a promotion and made a BQ list, but did not get the job, they may claim a monetary award.  The Agency will be sending out notices to potentially qualified employees soon.  The agreement also requires SSA to overhaul its Reasonable Accommodation process.  More information is available at: www.ssadisabilityclassaction.com

    Minutes review:

    Tim made a motion that this evening’s LBM minutes be approved as read and amended; Ivan seconded.  Motion passed. 

    Laura moved to adjourn at 7:15pm.  Motion passed.

    Minutes written and submitted by Laura Novakoski, Secretary.

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